About Us

Dr. Tomas von Behring is general practitioner and surgeon

Since 1991 with private surgery in Tenerife
Member of the Medical College (Colegio Oficial de Médicos de Tenerife) (www.comtf.es) Nº 4015
2005 - 2006 Master in Biological Medicine and Homotoxicology. Courses of Neural Therapy and Electroacupuncture. Clinic for Biological Medicine in Cali, Colombia run by Dr. O`Byrne
1998 Several courses of Homotoxicology in Tenerife
1995 Further training in Electromedicine PROGNOS (functional metering of organs)
1994 Further training in Orthomolecular Medicine and Phytotherapy
1994 Further training about Energetic Medicine and Magnetic Therapy in Vienna, Austria
1991 Starting Biological Medicine combining it with allopathy
1983 - 1990 Various Postgraduate courses in Emergency Medicine and Intensive-Care Medicine
1989 Scientific dissertation as Doctor of Medicine in Heidelberg, Germany
1989 Degree in specialization of General Surgery and Traumatological Surgery in Heidelberg, Germany
1983 - 1989 Residency in the speciality of General Surgery and Traumatological Surgery
1977 - 1982 Medical studies and taking of the degree at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina